Connect With Your Customers While Making More Sales Per Hour

Does your center have great products to sell, but your agents are reluctant to Close assertively or overcome Objections? Do product offers sound like lifeless product pitches that are not tailored to the client’s Needs and Interests?

Telephone Sales Mastery Inbound is the Solution

Telephone Sales Mastery Inbound provides veteran and newbie agents a complete set of selling skills for your specific Call Types. Every important skill, from Greetings and Rapport to Questioning, Presenting Product Offers, Up-selling and Cross-selling, Closing and Objections, equips your agents with a better way of selling.

TSM Inbound Will Help Your Agents:

  • Connect with the caller right from the beginning.
  • Eliminate the tension that naturally exists at the start of a call.
  • Help agents uncover the real, often hidden, Needs and Issues that prompted the call.
  • Present a complete solution that makes your product spring to life in the client’s mind.
  • Close assertively and confidently.
  • Handle and overcome most Late-Call Objections by “Outweighing with Value”.
  • Handle “No money right now” and other Tough Economy Objections.
  • Finally overcome the dreaded, “Have to talk to my spouse/partner” objection.
  • Keep the client informed, engaged and connected throughout the entire call.

TSM Inbound Facts:

  • Instructor-led, two-day program (typically) that can be delivered in half-day or quarter-day chunks.
  • We will customize the program to your real-world telephone dialogues and Call Types.
  • We can come to you and deliver TSM with our Training Consultants.
  • Larger centers (50+) usually invest in a Training License – we certify your training team.
  • Loads of role-play practice to make sure agents are experts at each skill.
  • Interactive delivery style makes training fun, applicable and helps create agent buy-in.


  • 2-day Workshop: $7900.00.
  • Multiple courses booked at one time: $6500.00 per workshop.
  • 12-Participant Maximum per workshop (to ensure maximum practice time).
  • For centers with more than 50 agents, ask us about our License pricing for complete ownership of the program – no more per-workshop fees.
  • Travel is additional.

Get Started Now!

Contact us today to discuss your center’s goals and challenges and whether TSM Inbound is the right fit for your center. We will present the best way to implement TSM Inbound in your center and provide you with a detailed rollout plan.